Support for Families
It is important for Spartan families to receive support and have space to talk about our experiences. Here is a link for families with helpful tips on how you can support your student.

Webinar: Responding to the Tragic Events at MSU
Dr. Jim Henry: Responding to the Tragic Events at MSU. Learning from Oxford school shootings. What you and your kids need now.

Click here to view a recording of this webinar.

This session covered:
The impact of primary and secondary trauma on parents.
What the likely emotional, psychological, and relational needs of your kids are given the tragic events at MSU
Understanding traumatic impact
Searching for meaning making
Building resiliency
Warning signs of PTSD
How can parents best support their kids — what will be most helpful to them

About the speaker: Dr. Jim Henry, Ph.D., has led the trauma responses in Oxford, MI following the tragic school shooting in 2021. He has directed over 6,000 trauma assessments at WMU Children’s Trauma Assessment Center and trained over 150,000 professionals, parents and community members on trauma and resiliency. Dr. Henry received his Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Social Science with a Concentration in Social Work & Developmental Psychology from Michigan State University.  

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